Gensets Introduction

The company successfully developed the Genset starting from 5 KVA up to 250 KVA capacities running on Alternative Fuels e.g. LPG / Natural GAS / BIO-GAS and Producer Gas. By now we are capable enough to go up to One MW (1250 KVA) of capacity. We are also in supplying and commissioning of the Biomass based Gasifiers and BIO-GAS Plants for Power Generation and as well as for Thermal Applications.

A Genset  running  on  Gas (LPG/LNG/PNG/CNG/BIO -GAS) dedicated or combination fuel It can be used for domestic or industrial purpose

Running cost is 10% to 75% less as compared to Diesel Genset depending upon which Gas you  you are using

maintenance cost is 70% less as compared to Diesel Genset Gas Genset are more eco friendly with low harmful emissions like Co , Hc , Co2 , Nox etc.

Sound level is much lower as campared to Diesel Genset Best technology state of art design yes it is 100% safe