Biogas Plants Introduction

As the demand of world s fossil fuel increases there will be enormous demand of energy which can be met with biogas technology. This biogas technology can easily we entrapped as biomass waste is readily available and is very cheap Biogas is known as an environmentally friendly method of producing energy in a sustainable way for ourselves and future generations. In third world countries, Biogas is encouraged for rural sustainability and prevention of burning of wood thus releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere. The main advantages of Biogas in these countries are cooking, heating, and electrical power generation.

Bio methane is generated from organic materials as they decay. Sources of Bio methane include; landfills, Waste waster Treatment Systems, and from animal operations where manure can be collected and the Bio methane is generated from anaerobic digesters where the manure decomposes.

It meets the endeavors of a country in harnessing alternate renewable energy resources in the context of energy crisis and conservation
Its eco friendly
Reduces deforestation
Produces smokeless fuel
Gives value added fertilizer which is organic hence cause soil nutrient ion increase productivity
Brings clean environment due to lowering of pollution of land air water based resulting in improved sanitation
Convenience and leisure to woman
Gives rural employment hence improves rural economy
Enables for carbon credit